3 Ways to use the Beautycounter Cleansing Balm

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My #1 favorite Beautycounter product is the Cleansing Balm. It’s multi-functional, must have in your skincare arsenal. It’s a product I reach for daily and here are a few different ways I use it.

  1. I grab for the Cleansing Balm anytime I want to take my makeup off. I apply it to my face and eyes then use a warm, wet washcloth to gently wipe my makeup away. 
  2. When my skin is extra dry (especially in Winter) I apply it as an overnight mask. After cleansing your face just apply and let it hydrate and nourish your skin overnight. 
  3. Anytime I have a cooking burn, sun burn or any type of skin irritation I apply the Cleansing Balm and it works it’s magic. 

How is this product such a powerhouse, multitasker? I’m glad you asked! It uses lotus extract, jojoba seed oil and avocado seed oil to both nourish and cleanse at the same time. It starts as a solid and melts from the warmth of your skin. 

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