Deliberate Cold Water Exposure

Ice baths, polar plunges, cold dips; call it what you want, but call it good for you. Deliberate cold exposure does all the things for your body!

Mountain Momma Darby Warren Cold Water Immersion Deliberate Cold Exposure

While scrolling Instagram, I came across an account of a lady who chose to walk into cold water. Now me, I get cold in a summer breeze. I thought I could never talk myself into doing something like that … and why would I? But then; I had this crazy urge to try it. I somehow talked my family into a polar plunge on Christmas Day of 2022. It was unseasonably warm outside, but the river temp was probably in the 40’s. We ran in, dunked our heads and ran back out. I did it!

A few days later I talked my bestie into doing a cold dip. We ran in, did a side dive and ran back out. I don’t know how I convincer her to go with me; but we’ve been plunging ever since. We even started a community plunge group called Milltown Plunge Club where we host community dips. You can follow along on Instagram or TikTok.

There are several benefits to cold water immersion. It helps to reduce inflammation, increases metabolism, helps improve sleep, improves your immune system and it releases dopamine. My favorite benefit is finding my own personal strength and doing something I never imagined doing and loving. I also enjoy the community that it has created within our plunge club. Plunge conversations are my favorites!

When you emerge from the cold water you a left with this feeling of zen. I can’t describe it. It’s an empowering feeling.

Have you ever tried a cold plunge? Would you try?


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