How to set your week up for success

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Do you thrive with a checklist? I sure do; so I created this checklist to help you set your week up for success.

Meal Planning is always a great idea. I plan my grocery list around what meals I have planned for the week. If you have time, prep as much as you can ahead of time to make week nights easier.

I like to pick out my outfits for the week ahead of time. If I have to pick out an outfit in the morning all of my clothes seen to magically disappear. It always turns in to “I have nothing to wear”; which we all know isn’t true. For my son, I’ve been utilizing a hanging shoe holder and sticking a day’s worth of clothes in each cube.

Try setting small goals for yourself at the beginning of each week. You will feel so proud when you accomplish a new goal.

Make yourself a to do list or do a brain dump. This will help you remember certain tasks and will get those things out of your head and on to paper where they won’t be forgotten.

Don’t forget to take care of your skin. Start a fun new skincare routine or give gua sha a try. Don’t forget to hydrate. Drinking water does wonders for how your skin looks.

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Get some rest friend! Listen to your body and take rests when you need them. But don’t forget to move your body too.

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