Melt Anxiety With CBD : C4 Healthlabs Review

My new favorite CBD Oil : C4 Healthlabs Review

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I found my new favorite CBD oil y’all! I’ve tried several brands and C4 Healthlabs is hands down the best I’ve tried. C4 Healthlabs gifted a bottle to me and if couldn’t have come at a better time. I was having a week; you know, one of those weeks that just feels heavy. The world is a strange place, we had two close family members that were sick and I was just feeling out of sorts. I came home one evening feeling extra anxious and my C4 Healthlabs package had arrived. Perfect timing. I immediately took a dose and within minutes I started to feel relief. I could literally feel the anxiety lifting.

C4 Healthlabs CBD Oil

Organic and Pure CBD

C4 Healthlabs CBD does not contain any contaminants. It’s organically grown in Tennessee and processed in South Carolina. I tried the Citrus flavor and the flavor was mild and earthy. It’s flavored with essential oils, so no artificial flavoring which I love.

CBD for Relaxation and Sleep

For me, CBD helps calm anxiety, allows me to relax (which my body does not do naturally) and helps me to sleep better. I’ve had one experience where anxiety caused my body to shut down. It was right before a big trip and I felt like I couldn’t function for two days. I like the idea of being able to treat symptoms with natural remedies if possible; so for me, CBD is the answer. I love that a plant extract can calm my nerves.

C4 Healthlabs cbd oil close up

C4 Healthlabs has great resources and educational information on their website. They also have savings programs you may quality for. I also have a discount code for 10% off: MOUNTAINMOMMA10

Disclaimer: C4 Healthlabsngifted this bottle to me. This is my honest review and I have and will continue to use this CBD Oil.



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